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Vendis scouts are always looking for new talent. Do you have what it takes?

Vendis agents are approachable, friendly, very much in tune with the industry and its demands, and easy to get on with. We understand that not all models can or want to work full time, and many are not in the Miami market, so we are flexible and happy to discuss what is suitable for you.

Vendis places its models to all markets worldwide, whether for a long term representation or short term (90 day) visiting residency for portfolio building purposes. Long term representation is typically in major fashion markets such as New York, Paris, Milan, Miami, London, etc. Shorter term placements are normally in markets such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Cape Town, etc.


Girls have to be at least 5'9 and Boys have to be minimum 6'


Has relaxed height requirements

If you are interested in being scouted by Vendis as a model, please fill the form below:

Contact Information

If under 16 years (18 in USA) please list your parent or legal guardian contact details

Measurements - Sizes - Colors

Male Female




Photos need to include a clear close up face shot and a full length body shot. Phone pictures are fine and preferred - professional images are not required.

You can upload a short video as well. Boys should be shirtless and girls in bikini to show your figure.

While we require the simple images above, we do give the opportunity for models with some experience or portfolio to submit some additional images to support the basic digitals above.


Please all natural - no makeup or retouch, close fitting clothes or swimwear to show your figure

Head Shot
Profile Head Shot
Full Length Shot
Rear View Full Length Shot

Video (Optional)

A 20 or 30 second video to say your name and hello, and the same looks as in digitals above. Please all natural - no makeup or retouch, close fitting clothes or swimwear to show your figure. This is optional but it will help you a lot if you submit it.

25 Second Introductory Video

Portfolio (Optional)

Here we give you an opportunity to include any portfolio or editorial images to support your submissision.

Keep in mind that we REQUIRE the non retouched/no makeup digitals above to be submitted



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Be sure to include all the requested information and contact details, and please do not phone Vendis while waiting for our response.