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Model and Talent Scouting

The best modeling agencies are always looking for new talent, and for an aspiring model, the right agency can make a career.

Signing to a reputed agency can be a gateway to editorial shoots that bolster a model�s portfolio, not to mention runway opportunities and advertising campaigns. A goldmine model can also be lucrative for agencies, which make money by taking a 20% commission of all model earnings, while also charging brands an additional 20% of a model�s rate for each booking.

Supermodel scouting stories are the now stuff of legend: Kate Moss (2015 earnings: $4.5 million) was discovered in JFK airport, while Gisele Bundchen (2015 earnings: $44 million) was found in a mall in Brazil. Adriana Lima (2015 earnings $9 million) rose to fame from a Ford modeling competition, and Karlie Kloss (2015 earnings: $5 million) was first spotted in a charity fashion show.

Aspiring models have a couple choices when the lucky encounter with a scout hasn't happened - go it alone, or get some help.

Option 1: Go it Alone

The hopeful model sends prospective agencies honest, amateur shots. You can also send a 60 second phone video of yourself and it�s as easy as that. The agency will contact you if there is interest.

�The best agencies in the world are universal�you can look them up on,� says Chris Gay, general manager of The Society Management.

Option 2: Get Help from Vendis

The scouting division of Vendis works with reputable agencies worldwide, and will assist you - boy or girl - in preparing for and submitting to the right kind of agency for your look and talent.

Keep in mind that Vendis does not charge the aspiring model any fees for its services - Vendis is paid directly by the model agencies for scouting services.

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